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Small town charm abounds in this community of nearly 2,000 residents.  The downtown area along Main Street (266th Street) is lined with small shops featuring local artisans, furnishings, restaurants and musical entertainment.  Home of the Hamilton Heights Huskies, this small community demonstrates its small town pride with the Annual Husky Homecoming Parade. 


Local historians have traced the roots of this northern point of Hamilton County to its first settlers in 1834.  The town that developed became known as "Buena Vista" until it was renamed "Atlanta" in 1885.  Today this small community offers a variety of attractions from the Atlanta Music Hall where live music is performed weekly to an original Carnegie Library.

Each year the town welcomes thousands of visitors to its annual "New Earth Festival" where there is something for everyone to enjoy.  The festival is held the 4th weekend of September every year.  Enjoy a weekend looking for arts, crafts, antiques and collectibles at one of the largest festivals in the state. 


Nestled at the north end of Morse Lake, Cicero's heritage goes back 165 years.  The first settlers arrived in the late 1820's and the Town of Cicero was platted in 1834. 

Today, Cicero has been transformed from a rural town to one of the county's most desirable places to live in the years since the opening of Morse Reservoir in 1956.  The wave of growth and development that has impacted Hamilton County for the past decade, is making its way north bringing with it amenities and opportunities that continue to enhance the quality of life in Cicero. 


In 1827 George Boxley made the first permanent settlement in what was to become Adams Township.   Boxley, a Virginia abolitionist, was convicted of helping his neighbor’s slaves escape.  Boxley escaped execution and fled to the forests of Hamilton County.  The refurbished Boxley Cabin still sits on the knoll which now overlooks the town of Sheridan.  

In 1860 Egbert Higbee purchased the land and laid out the town of Millwood.  The town was platted in 1866.   Years later a post office was to be established at Millwood.  In petitioning for a post office, the townspeople discovered there was already a Millwood post office in Indiana, and it would be necessary to change the name.  Due to strong influence of Civil War veterans, the name Sheridan was selected in honor of Phil Sheridan, celebrated Civil War general. This took place sometime between 1881 and 1885.

Sheridan has celebrated its Centennial in 1960 and Sesquicentennial in 2010 based on the 1860 purchase of land for the town of Millwood.  George Boxley is still celebrated with the Boxley Lecture Series hosted by Sheridan Historical Society, Sheridan Community Schools and Sheridan Public Library each year.

Our Schools

Hamilton Heights School Corporation

Hamilton Heights School district serves Jackson and White River Township in the northeastern corner of Hamilton County.  The children of Cicero, Arcadia and Atlanta and the surrounding areas attend one of the four school buildings.  The Hamilton Heights Huskies have a tradition of excellence in both academics and athletics with committed administrators, faculty and support staff.  Visit the school website for more information at

Sheridan Community Schools

Sheridan Community Schools serves families in Hamilton and Boone counties within the Marion and Adams townships, creating high leverage, high impact learning opportunities for all students.  Our schools consist of Sheridan Elementary, housing grades PK-5, Sheridan Middle School, housing grades 6-8, and Sheridan High School, housing grades 9-12.  The Sheridan Blackhawks have a tradition of academic and athletic excellence with a staff dedicated to student success and achievement.  Visit the school website at for more information.

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